Handcrafted Essential Montessori Baby Shower Gift Set - Five Pack


Montessori toy set

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This product is ethically made-by-hand using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in Massachusetts by a small family business production partner of Redtailtoys.  

Materials:  Wood, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Leather, Bell, All natural dye, metal eye hook, Nontoxic glue

This 5 pack includes the following five toys:

Large Rolling Ball Toy
Bell Roller
Interlocking Discs**
Bell Rattle
Grasping Beads.

The interlocking discs are one of the first developmental toys that can be offered to infants. First, they will aid with the grasping reflex of the child as they learn to handle the material and even transfer it from hand to hand. Further, the design of this item allows it to gently roll away when placed on the floor - encouraging your little one to chase after it once he or she has started crawling! It measures about 3 1/2" long by 2 1/4" high. **The discs included will be shipped "glued" unless you would prefer that they be shipped "un-glued." These options would need to be specified in the note to seller:

Infant (glued): These discs are glued together with non-toxic glue so that they may be used in hand-to-hand transfer by the child as well as rolling away when child first becomes mobile.

Toddler (un-glued): These discs are not glued together and fit together like a puzzle, allowing the child to practice fine motor skills. The item also rolls for movement and can be used for hand-to-hand transfer by the child, however the discs will come apart.

This Montessori inspired rolling ball toy can be rolled or shaken and is great fun for the child who is learning to crawl and can chase after it. We recommend introducing it at about 7 months of age, or when learning to crawl, if earlier. The wooden balls on the inside make a very pleasant clacking sound as the toy is moved around. It is about 7 inches long, and has five dyed 1 inch wooden balls inside.

You can see a video and hear this item in action by copying and pasting the following URL in your browser: http://goo.gl/NzyiO7

This Montessori inspired rolling bell toy can be rolled or shaken and is great fun for the child who is learning to crawl and can chase after it. We recommend introducing at 6 months old, or while learning to crawl, if earlier. The bell on the inside makes a very pleasant sound as the toy is moved around. It is about 3.5 inches long.


Please note that this bell rattle is not appropriate for children who are mouthing. It can be presented to children before they have begun mouthing, and again as a musical instrument after they are no longer mouthing objects. Because the toy is made with small parts, it is important to always monitor play.

This Montessori inspired bell rattle is a great toy for any young one, starting as early as two months. The sound intrigues the baby as they learn how their movements can influence the pleasing sound of the bells. The small bells are attached to the ends of this 3/8 inch wooden dowel. Approximately 6 inches long, it's small enough for your baby to handle easily.

These Montessori inspired grasping beads are to be used as a rattle for children starting at around 2.5 - 3 months old to help develop grasp. It is made out of 6 wooden beads and secured with a leather lace, knotted at the ends and between each bead, for a total of about 7" long.

The end caps of the rollers are available in a variety of colors including natural, pink, orange, green, yellow, and purple. The colors are created through homemade dyes, using all natural ingredients: blueberries, red cabbage, onions, beets, and turmeric. The colors are more subtle than commercial dyes and paints, giving the pieces a vintage look and keeping them completely natural.

The wood is finished in a natural homemade beeswax/olive oil blend.


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