About Us

Redtailtoys is family owned and operated by my wife and me.  We are high school music teachers living in rural Northern California and parents of two adorable, precocious, evil children ❤️ The oldest is three and our youngest is turning one.

With years of trial and error and experience under our belts, we've now partnered with local, USA small family businesses to provide unique and high quality wood toys and games that families will want and need.

We choose to partner only with manufacturers that will abide by a code of conduct that includes ecologically and socially sustainable practices. They must agree to pay their workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions. Our paper products maker in China is ISO 9000 certified and consistently earns industry awards for good overall practices. Our textiles and soft products factory in India is a GOTS-certified manufacturer of organic cotton textiles, and utilizes solar power to reduce their ecological footprint.

We believe strongly in investing capital and time in our local neighborhoods and communities.  Redtailtoys is proud to partner with feedingamerica.org to donate the cost of 10 individual meals each time a customer donates at least $1 at checkout.

We at Redtailtoys believe family play time is one of THE most important parts of each day.

We believe it's not the quality or the number of toys a child has access to that is the most important factor for curating future happiness and success but rather its the time and attention parents/ guardians devote to playing and being present with their children that matters most.